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Frequently Asked Questions

Our portable toilets are acceptable for use by up to 7 people working a 40 hour week. If you are likely to exceed this, we would recommend hiring more than one toilet.

When we deliver and collect a toilet we need clear access to the site and where it is going to be placed. Our service vehicle needs access to within 5 metres of the toilet. We advise positioning the toilet on level ground and with clear access at all times.

All of our toilets are serviced weekly.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises if you employ anyone (however short the period) you must so far as reasonably practable, provide adequate and appropriate welfare facilities for them while they are at work.

HSE - Provision of welfare facilities during construction work

The toilets do not have lights but rely on external lighting through a translucent roof. Please bear this in mind when choosing a location for the toilet.

No. Once hire commences, the customer is responsible for the security of the toilet. Please always remember to secure and lock the toilet when it is not in use, we recommend a combination padlock and ensure you advise us of the code to enable us to continue to carry out weekly services.

No. Please DO NOT place anything other than the provided toilet roll into the toilet. This includes putting any paper towels, rubbish or rags in the tank. If a toilet becomes blocked and requires us to come and fix, this will incur extra charges.

The chemicals used in our toilets are specially designed, so no other chemicals should be added into the tank as it can make them less effective.

Yes. Please see a copy of our certificate of registration.

Certificate of Registration under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011